School History

  1. ​The word “Golaya” has historical significance. It is one of the derivative of Haryana Jat’s Gotra “Guliya” mostly coming from village “Guliya Badli” in Distt.-Rohtak, Haryana. As per Jat history written by various authors, the other derivatives of this Gotra are Golia, Gulia, Gulliya, Gulaya, Gaur, Guru etc. One of the ancestors of these Gotras hailing from GuliaBadli village, Ch. Harvir Singh is reported to have plunged his spear into the chest of invader Taimur – the Lame (Taimur Lung), in a fight (when Khaaps used to fight the invaders) near village Jiwana, Distt.-Baghpat, Meerut (UP) and the village thereafter acquired its name as JiwanaGulian, though none of its inhabitants even today are of Gulia Gotras. Taimur Lung is reported to have died later as a result of that injury.
  2. Mythologically, the Jats of these Gotras owe their origin to “Gauri” or “Parwati”, wife of Lord Shiva.
  3. Historically again, there is a town named “Gaur Bangala” near Distt-Malda in West Bengal. Even today, Malda is referred as “Gaur Malda”. From this town, the historically recorded mass migration took place around 10th – 11th century. The second migration, which is probably not recorded is around later part of the 16th century. This took place, when the Mughal Emperor AurangZeb was forcibly converting the Hindus to Islam, the inhabitants of this town refused to get converted and vacated it overnight. Those who had business interest in the far east region of Java, Borneo and Sumatra migrated to those regions and even today are called “Golayas” there. During this time, some families of Gaur Brahmins migrated to village Badli, Distt-Rohtak. On reaching Badli, they gave up their sacred thread by putting them in an earthen pitcher called “Gol” and became Jats and were called GoliaJats or GuliaJats. They did this and took up swords to fight the Mughals. Later around 1820, four brothers from village Gulia Badli migrated to village Chirag Delhi in Delhi and were called as “Naye-Gamia” there. The founder of this school is a descendant of one of those brothers, who had migrated to Chirag Delhi.
  4. The founder of the school had also learnt from his grandfather late Ch. Nanak Singh- a veteran of First World War and also from the family’s Bhats residing at Amritsar, Punjab, who used to keep the family records and keep coming once in a few years, to narrate the family history to descendants, that the ancestors of Guliya Jats of village Chirag Delhi had refused to embrace Islam and migrated originally from the town “Gaur Bangala” to settle down in Guliya Badli village, Distt. Rohtak and then later migrated to village Chirag Delhi. Since they had put their sacred thread into a “Gol” and became Jats from Brahmins, acquired the name “Goliya” or “Guliya”.
  5. To substantiate the above theory, even today if the architecture of buildings of abandoned Gaur Bangala town and the abandoned buildings of Gulia Badli left by the four brothers, are compared, there is a marked similarity which confirms the historical migration of founder’s ancestors initially from Gaur Bangala to Badli and later from Badli to Chirag Delhi. Rightfully they should be called as “Golayas” with the explanation “Gaur Bangala se Aaya Golaya Kehlaya”.
  6. The founder leaves it to the historians or Jat scholars to arrive at the correct position on this issue keeping the above historical facts in mind.
  7. The founder, with the above background and as a tribute to his Legendary and brave ancestors who defied the Mughal Ruler Aurangzeb and abandoned their homes and hearths in Gaur Bangala town as Brahmins and came closer to Delhi and became Jats, the founder decided to name the school after this name “GOLAYA”. Thus the school under the name of “GOLAYA PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL, PALWAL” was started in the year 1993 under the Aegis of “All India Sainik Progressive Education Society”.